I'm Zane Sterling, a software engineer with an interest in machine learning and robotics.
I currently attend Stony Brook University, where I run a weekly reading group for undergrads. We read papers on algorithms and play with algorithms problems.
I've been doing cool summer projects for years. Here are some of them:
  • Summer 2017: Worked on fine location tracking at Facebook
  • Summer 2016: Worked on secure peer-to-peer devices at Google
  • Summer 2015: Moved Bloomberg View to React at Bloomberg LP
  • Summer 2014: Honed computer graphics skills with Andy Nealen
  • Summer 2013: Built quadcopters at Intersection
In high school I was on StuyPulse, Stuyvesant High School's award-winning team for the FIRST Robotics Challenge. We made it to world championships two out of three times. During my senior year I was robot operator and led testing and operations in the pit.
I've done a few things I'm especially proud of, including:
I also run the circus club at my university. We teach and practice the circus arts and put on performances every now and then.
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  • A 3D renderer written from per-pixel access. Supports triangle filling, flat shading, and affine and perspective transformations.
    Rust, SDL2 (for per-pixel access)
    Feb 2017
  • A Forth interpreter written to learn Rust .
    Jan 2017
  • A monolithic OS written to learn how operating systems work.
    C, Assembly
    Aug 2016 - Jan 2017
  • A desktop clone of the Cell Lab android app to learn D.
    D, SDL2
    Spring 2016
  • A C++ implementation of Large Steps in Cloth Simulation.
    C++, OpenGL
    Spring 2015
  • Experiments with the HTML5 canvas.
  • A load balancer that spins up new servers only when you need them.
    Python, Javascript, HTML+Sass
    Jan 2015
  • A discrete un-simulation of water physics.
    Jan 2015
  • HeadLights
    An app for cyclists that turns standard hand signals into blinkers on the back of your helmet.
    C, Java, Intel Edison, Myo Armband
    Fall 2014
  • A tool for automagically turning TODO comments into GitHub issues.
    Python, Javascript, HTML+Sass
    Fall 2014
  • A simultaneous turn-based strategy game based on writing Lisp to control your units.
    Python, Javascript, Lisp, HTML+Sass
    Spring 2014
  • A 3D rendering engine built from per-pixel access.
    C++, SDL2 (for per-pixel access)
    Spring 2014
    • Built for the Computer Graphics class at Stuyvesant.
  • See a full list of projects on my GitHub.